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AMAZING News For Legally Blonde Fans!

If you were a BIG fan of Legally Blonde, and you know, the ‘bend ’n’ snap’, then you’ll DEFINITELY be excited about this news.

Reese Witherspoon has appeared on James Corden’s Late Show and divulged that she’d be interested in doing a third Legally Blonde movie.

She revealed that she’s not sure where she’d want the character to go, 15 years later.

One thing is for SURE, Reese looks SO good, she could still pull off ‘Elle Woods’ hands down.


During the chat, the guys discussed what the angle of the third movie would be, being the ‘leaker’ in the White House was one idea, the President of the United States was another, or Justice of the Supreme Court - even prison was ANOTHER!

‘What do we need to go to get this film happening?’ James asked.

‘Maybe we should do it on the cross walk! ‘The next musical should be Legally Blonde on the cross walk!’

Guys, this REALLY sounds like it’s happening…

Source: Daily Mail

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