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AMAZING News For Big Little Lies Fans

Anyone who's anyone would have been attached their TV screens when the finale of HBO's 'Big Little Lies' debuted not too long ago.

It's the show that brought us EVERYTHING from juicy gossip to romance and of course a murder mystery. (Not to mention the AH-MAZING acting skills of fellow Aussie Nicole Kidman)

So of course we're all just a tad disappointed that the show has come to an end. Especially seeing as the book that the show is based off by Liane Moriarty doesn't seem to have a sequel.

So does that mean this is the last that we'll see of this all star cast on our small screens for a while?

Well...hold on to your hats because the word on the street is that Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman may have picked up the rights to a second novel by the 'Big Little Lies' author!

Variety reported last year that the pair would co-produce a second adaption. BUT it is still unknown as to whether they will also star in the production and it is unclear if it will be a movie or another short series.

This new project is called 'Truly Madly Guilty' and from the sounds of it, it's going to be JUST AS GOOD!

The plot takes place over one weekend at a barbeque of one fateful neighbourhood. The official synopsis reads, "Six responsible adults. Three cute kids. One small dog. It's just a normal weekend. What could possibly go wrong?"

OHHH MYYY GODDD RIGHT! We're already hooked!

But now for the big question...Do we wait for the show to come out or do we head straight to the local bookstore to find out exactly what happens?


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