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Tom Cruise Has Been Secretly Spending Time With Suri Again

Tom Cruise has been in the headlines a lot lately, after it was reported that he hasn’t spent much - or any - time with his daughter, Suri, since his split with Katie Holmes in 2012.

The distance has been blamed on Tom’s link to scientology, and Katie’s willingness to keep Suri away from the religion.

Now, according to US Weekly, the 54-year-old actor has started spending time with his daughter once again and has found love with a British woman.

According to the report, Tom flew 10-year-old Suri to England to spend five days with him The two visited the Cotswolds and stayed in the village of Bourton-On-The-Water in Gloucestershire for two days. Then they were in London for three days.

The trip was very secret as Tom did not want word getting out about it, it was claimed, and he enlisted the help of his sister Lee Anne DeVette to make sure there were no leaks.

'Everything was treated very discreetly,' a source said. Along for the trip was a bodyguard and Suri's nanny, but no Katie. The pair were last photographed together in 2012.

UsWeekly claimed that Tom has been seeing a 'very pretty' and 'normal' British woman. Her name was not released and it is not known how they met.

The two have been together since at least June, when he took her to the same village he took Suri to, Bourton-On-The-Water.

They stay at his rental cottage and go on bike rides in the country.

'Tom wanted some companionship,' the source said. And he's serious about the lady.

Source: Daily Mail

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