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There Is Some Really Sad News Around For Delta Goodrem

Just a few weeks ago we saw Delta Goodrem on top of the world, with her contestant Judah Kelly winning the Voice.

However, New Idea is now reporting that Goodrem is now struggling after a string of heartbreaking events left her life ‘spiralling.’

Insiders have told the magazine that she has been left devastated by her friend Seal jetting out of Australia, her license being suspended and Judah’s single tanking in the charts.

‘To say it’s been a week from hell for Delta is
an understatement,’ says a close source.

 a week or two ago she was on top of the world, thinking that 2017 was shaping up to be a great year. She’d grown really close to Seal, was talking about starting a family, [her artist Judah] had just won the voice, and she was the darling of Australian TV.

‘And in one fell swoop it came crashing down. First Seal left, then she lost her licence and Judah’s single didn’t take off.'

‘Every time Delta thinks things are finally going her way, something knocks her down
a peg or two. She just keeps saying: “I can’t take it anymore.”’

We hope she is OK.

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