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How Naomi Watts and Matthew McConaughey Trained To Be Lovers

Naomi Watts is a really busy woman. With no time to rehearse scenes for new film Sea of Trees, and build a rapport with co-start Matthew McConaghey, the pair decided to send each other love notes instead! In character, of course.

The movie, about a troubled marriage, needed a loved-up back-story to make the angsty arguments believable. So, they decided to send love letters and emails between their married characters, Joan and Arthur.

“Our stories are played in flasbacks, and our characters have this tumultuous marriage, so we just had fun with it,” she told Vogue Australia. “We didn’t have any time to prep so when Matthew reached out to me via email, I said: ‘Do you mind if we write to each other in character?’ And he wrote back and said: ‘Write at will, Joan’”

The genetically blessed pair went on to create an entire relationship over letters, emails and voice mail before filming commenced.

“Sometimes we would write poetry, sometimes love letters, sometimes stormy letters, sometimes I would leave a voice recording [as Joan] knowing he was going to be shooting in the forest that day. It was great.”

We really hope they filled in their actual spouses about the fictional-courting...

Watts will be gracing the cover of Vogue Australia October issue, out Monday 14 September.


Video via The Hollywood Reporter Youtube

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