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The Bachelor's Natalie Reveals She's Had Plastic Surgery

She is currently on The Bachelor hoping to secure Matty J’s heart.

And this week, bisexual Natalie Holmberg has admitted to getting a boob job and having her ‘lips done twice’.

The 26-year-old told OK Magazine 'I always liked big boobs.'

'I mean, look, it's shallow, but we wake up every day and we put makeup on, and that's our culture... plastic surgery is just an extreme version of that.' 

She went onto say that anyone considering having work done should have realistic' expectations.

'It's not going to change who you are as a person,' she explained. 

Natalie is the lady who told Matty J that he turned her from being in a relationship with a woman, saying 'So I was watching The Bachelorette last year and Matty J had his top off and I was thinking to myself, "Why was I in a relationship with a woman?"'

'I'm not going to say he turned me straight again, but in some ways he turned me straight again,' she said.

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