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The Bachelor Moment That Was Just All A Little Bit Too Much

They are both trying to win Matty J’s love on The Bachelor but on Thursday’s show, Jen Hawke took a swipe at rival Elora that was a little to far.

Jen was fuming when Matty chose Elora for a single date and called her 'scum of the earth,' before saying that if he 'pushed her off a cliff, I wouldn't be sad!'

'I'm absolutely disgusted. You've got amazing women here who haven't even had a single date, and you're taking Elora, scum of the earth, on a second date,' Jen said to the camera. 

Michelle also wasn’t happy with Elora being chosen, saying 'I'm not happy with that.'

While she was on the date, the girls chatted about Elora saying 'I'm just enraged. Elora will go on this date and Elora will be sweet Elora..."I'm here for the vibes. You know, Hawaii's talking to me." Shut up. No-one cares!,' Jen said.

She added: 'Honestly, if he pushed her off a cliff tonight, I wouldn't be sad.'

It’s all a bit much, isn’t it?

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