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Someone Has Literally Made A Justin Bieber Sex Doll

When celebrities become immortalised in wax figure form it usually has something to do with a display at Madame Tussauds.

But in the case of Justin Bieber, the creator of his fake model had a much more intimate purpose in mind.

In fact, someone with some serious Bieber Fever has gone and literally created a Justin Bieber look alike SEX DOLL!! And now in the words of Bieber himself, there'll definitely be 'one less lonely girl' out there.

And apparently the maker of JB's sex doll isn't the only crazed Biebs fan out there, because these babies have been selling like hot cakes!

The dolls are designed to look just like the singing super star (although at first glance we notice a hint of creepy that the real Justin Bieber doesn't really have) and when you buy the doll you can even customise the size of his peen!

The silicone Biebs lookalike is 160 cm and can be purchased from AliExpress. BUt just a warning if you want the fake JB to keep you company it will set you back a whopping around $1500 AUD.

But apparently that's the price you pay for what is described as "the most advanced medical thermoplastic elastomer material (TPE) with a full metal skeleton."

And just like the Biebs can dance in real life, this sex doll can apparently "flexibly do all sorts of different sexy poses."

Want a little taste of what Selena Gomez has in real life? Then this Justin Bieber sex doll might just be the thing to keep you company...

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