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We Know Why Khloe Kardashian Is Keeping Her Pregnancy Secret

We've had enough, now. We're quite happy with Kim Kardashian for confirming that she and Kanye and expecting their third child via surrogate but we're going to need a yes or no from Kylie, Kourtney and Khloe.

If Radar Online are anything to go by, though, we're going to be waiting a while for any word from the latter; the publication has revealed the reason Khlo's keeping mum (sorry) and it's all to do with her boyfriend Tristan Thompson.

Because apparently Khloe doesn't just want to announce her pregnancy, she wants to drop news of her engagement at the same time.

"At this point, she is practically begging [Tristan] to propose," a source said.

"She does not want to be just his girlfriend when this baby is born and she wants him to do it stat!"

And he really doesn't have that much more time left, either; with brother-in-law Scott Disick seemingly spilling the beans earlier in the week, it's only a matter of time until the news comes out.

"I feel like all of us are so close that all of our children are kind of brought up in the same vicinity, or one block over, that everybody's kind of there for each other," Scott said when asked if he had any advice for Khloe.

"Everybody is so hands-on that I feel like it will happen with time. So no real advice in that sense."

Come ON Kardashians. Put us out of our misery!

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