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Scott Disick And Bella Thorne Could Be Getting A TV SHOW

Well if this rumour is true then we're guessing there will be a big stir caused at Kamp Kardashian!

In what has to be the second biggest relationship drama involving the Kardashian Klan (we could keep going with these all day), coming in runner-up to the whole Rob and Blac Chyna ordeal, rumours have surfaced recently claiming that Scott Disick and Bella Thorne are secretly dating.

And as if the reports of their really odd pairing wasn't weird enough, word is now going around that Thorne and Disick will be getting a TV show together....

Yep let's all take a moment to say a synchronised, "What. The. F**k!"

A source has spoken to Life & Style saying, "Scott's written a synopsis for a reality show based around him and Bella hanging out and partying together at clubs...Many people close to him think it's a recipe for disaster."

Yes, please listen to those people close to you Scott!

Of course, for this show to make it onto television, it has to be picked up by a network which has not yet happened. Apparently all that has taken place is scott writing an outline for a show that will showcase him and his gal Bella.

And apparently the red headed beauty is all on board with this idea as it appears that she wishes to add to her already massive social media following.

"She [Bella Thorne] already has a huge social media following, but she wants even more, and Scott's promising her that won't be a problem," the source continued.

And while you may be thinking, 'Why Scott, Why would you do this?' it appears that he may not be of a completely sound mind with the source adding,

"Scott is in the worst shape he's ever been in. Friends and family fear he's headed for an overdose."

"He's tired of having to depend on the family for publicity. He's ready to take matter into his own hands," the source continued.

While our hearts really do go out to Scott if he is in fact facing a difficult time, we really hope someone stops him from making this happen.

Besides, don't you think this sounds just somewhat similar to a little reality show that we already binge on where we keep up with the other Kardashians...?

Next thing we know he'll be calling it "Keeping up with Lord Disick and Queen Thorne"...

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