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Sam Wood Mingles With Models A Week Out From Finale

If you've been watching The Bachelor, you're probably as confused and emotionally drained as we are.

When Heather went home, it was like a knife through our hearts. Where are we supposed to go from here? What are we supposed to feel? It was all so confusing.

Now, while looking through Snapchat on the weekend, we were very surprised to see Sam Wood pop up on blogger Steph Claire Smith's snapchat account. It seems the pair were getting pretty close throughout the day trackside at a racing event in Melbourne.

Steph Claire Smith is a 21-year-old wellness blogger and model from Melbourne, and it is unclear whether the two met on the day or have known each other prior to the day.

Now less than a week out from the grand final, it seems odd that Sam, who is unable to be seen out with the 'winner' is out and about cosying up to models, while the 'winner' sits at home.

It could be totally innocent - and Sam seems like a pretty genuine, loyal guy - but I don't know if I would like my boyfriend hanging out with a girl that beautiful! Eeeek!

Found someone to accept my rose 😏🌹 just kidding 😊 lovely to meet you @samjameswood

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