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Pretty Little Liars Has FINALLY Revealed Who "A" Is

It's taken almost eight years, seven seasons and more stressful nights screaming at the television than we care to count, but we finally, finally know who "A" AKA "AD" is in Pretty Little Liars.

Before we go any further, we're going to give anyone who DOESN'T want the season finale's big reveal spoiled a second to get off the page.

Here, have this cute baby playing with two tiny puppies while we wait.


OK, everyone ready?

After months and months of speculation, a fan theory was proven correct in Tuesday night's epic showdown when Spencer Hastings, played by Troian Bellisario, came face-to-face with her long-lost twin, Alex Drake.

Or as we know her, AD.

We're going to be straight with you here, it's been a while since we we've been able to keep up with ANY Pretty Little Liars storyline BUT here's what we understand so far:

1. Mrs Hastings isn't actually Spencer's mum, Mary Drake is.

2. When Spencer was born, so was her twin Alex.

3. Spencer was adopted by the Hastings family but Alex wasn't; by the sounds of her accent, she stayed in the UK.

4. Alex is pissed AF at Spencer for living her life and is taking her down as a result.

Obviously the internet straight-up CRACKED it when the series' villain was finally revealed; if you have Twitter, head over to the Pretty Little Liars' account.

It's going nuts.

Anyway, we'll be re-watching this episode about three times just to make sure we've caught up with everything but there you go.

We finally have an answer and can sleep easy tonight.

Bye, Pretty Little Liars. You've been stressful.

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