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One Couple On The Block Could Be About To Leave

They are one of the five couples on The Block but it seems Sarah and Jason’s day’s may actually be limited.

Speaking to OK magazine, Sarah has revealed that Scott Cam was less than impressed with their efforts that will see them become the first couple to deliver an unfinished room.. ever!

'Scotty was fuming, he was pretty upset,' she told the publication.


The publication has revealed that Sarah and Jason could be the first team sent home for good, Sarah said that her and Jason hadn't been thinking about consequences, citing stress as a reason for their performance.  

'We were pretty stressed out that week and we weren't thinking about the consequences,' she said adding that they were more concerned with their children's overseas trip.

Jason believed they could be booted because they never had any intention to finish.

‘’The plan was to chip away and finish over the next couple of weeks,' the 46-year-old said.

The Block continues on Sunday night at 7:30PM on Channel Nine.

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