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One Couple Is About To Walk Off The Block For GOOD!

Scott Cam is officially the king of The Block after 11 seasons but something is about to happen that nobody thought was going to.

In an upcoming episode, everything is about to kick off, with the 54-year-old stepping in on behalf of the whole crew and reprimanding one couple.

‘There’s a serious situation that occurs on week five or six. It’s never happened on The Block before,’ he reveals to New Idea.

‘I vent, on behalf of the crew, the cameraman and the other contestants. I really unleash on one couple – in a big way.’

While there is no details about the incident, it is thought that one couple will threaten to leave the competition for good as a result. ‘The couple threatens to walk off the show, that’s 
a first,’ the insider reveals. ‘They are wasting their opportunity on The Block and it’s incredibly disrespectful to everyone involved.’


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