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Melissa Rivers Takes Swipe At Kelly Osbourne & Kathy Griffin

Since the shock departure of Joan Rivers-replacement Fashion Police host Kathy Griffin and fellow panelist Kelly Osbourne, everyone has been anticipating what the new season of Fashion Police would be like.

After Kathy's exit from the show, Joan's daughter Melissa put her hand up to step into the role, a move that many thought should have been made from the beginning.

So, how did it go down?

Well in great 'Joan Rivers' fashion, Melissa started the show by revealing that she had to 'clean up the mess' left behind by Kelly Osbourne and Kathy Griffin after they left the show under controversial circumstances.


Melissa started the show by pretending to be caught unawares cleaning under the sofas as the camera started rolling saying, 'Oh my God, has anyone EVER cleaned under these couches?'

Then looking at the camera as someone shouted ’we are on’, she said: ‘Yeah, it’s been a little bit of a crazy year around here and I’m still cleaning up the mess. But the good news is - fashion police is back.’


With that, she revealed a lint roller covered in clumps of hair that can only be described as 'Kelly Osbourne purple and Kathy Griffin red'. Eeeek!!

During the episode, which was a VMAs special, Melissa repeatedly referred to mum Joan, at one point seeming emotional as she said of Miley Cyrus’s wild red carpet Versace outfit: ‘I felt like it was gift for my mom for today, that we had something so good to talk about.’

Amber Rose and Blac Chyna's 'profanity-covered' outfits also provided a good talking point for the panel. ‘You guys are missing the fact that it’s really a tribute to my mother because those are many of her favorite words. She used those all the time.’

Source: Daily Mail

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