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Why Elizabeth Didn’t Show Up At The MAFS Dinner Party

Married At First Sight viewers were left confused following the second dinner party after Elizabeth Sobinoff didn’t show up without any explanation whatsoever.

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Doing the best I can #remainingpositive #turninganegativeintoapositive #MAFS

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Instead, her onscreen husband Sam Ball showed up stag, leaving him with plenty of opportunity to get on with his secret romance with this season’s villain Ines Basic.

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feeling under the weather. Cant wait to get back to the apartment and crash #MAFS

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But previously unseen footage from Wednesday night’s explosive episode has finally given us an answer as to why Lizzie was a no-show!

The footage aired on Nine’s talk show that goes behind the scenes of MAFS, Talking Married, and it revealed that things were getting pretty nasty between Elizabeth and Sam on the morning of the dinner party.

In the cut scene, fellow contestant on this season of the reality show, Heidi Latcham, is seen visiting Elizabeth and Sam’s apartment to see how the pair are going after their disastrous first week together.

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Nobody will ever know how much it ached my heart to come to this decision... #MAFS

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Heidi asks Sam if he gave Elizabeth “big cuddles”, to which he replied, “Now and then I give her hugs yeah, probably not enough.”

Elizabeth and Heidi then have a private chat and Lizzie is seen looking really annoyed, glaring at her husband as he walks out of the room.

“Tell me everything, what is this rash on his chest?” Heidi asked, which we later find out at the dinner party was chicken pox.

“He’s allergic to me,” replies Elizabeth, looking visibly upset.

Following comments made by Sam as he attended the dinner party alone, it would seem that this tense morning came after Sam refused to show any affection towards Elizabeth and this is why she decided not to attend the evening with her fellow cast mates.

“Last night Elizabeth decided to make more moves and tried to kiss me some more, and stuff like that,” Sam said in a piece to camera on Wednesday night’s episode.

“I just hated every second of it…she’s obviously woken up and felt very awkward about it. I’ve sort of brushed it off and it is what it is, but maybe she’s a bit embarrassed because I turned her down.

“I have no idea if Elizabeth’s going to the dinner part at all. No idea whatsoever.”

But as we later saw, she didn’t make an appearance whatsoever. And TBH it was probably for the best after her hubby ended up getting pretty up close and personal with Ines. Poor Liz didn’t need to see that and feel worse about her relationship.

Married At First Sight continues on Sunday Night with a commitment ceremony at 7pm on Channel Nine.

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