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Marco Pierre White Reveals Reason Why He Quit Masterchef

Masterchef judge Matt Preston is under fire from Marco Pierre White following his departure from the show last year.

Marco is currently in Adelaide at the Tasting Australia Festival and has revealed that Preston was the reason he left the show to join Hell’s Kitchen Australia on Seven.

The chef has even said that he will ‘get that man’ off the back of comments Matt made on the Kyle & Jackie O show last year.

'With my hand on my mother's grave, I will get that man,' Marco said.

The fracas started after Matt appeared on the Kyle and Jackie O show after Marco’s son Marco Pierre White Jr appeared on the UK version of Big Brother. His son continually talked about drug binges and prostitutes and appeared to have sex with another contestant on the show.

When Kyle & Jackie asked Matt about the incident, Matt said 'Anyone who's got tattoos on their face normally behave badly, don't they?’ and went on to say that he wasn’t surprised with Marco’s son spending $500,000 on drugs, saying 'That's that whole rich, London trust fund babe, trustafarian-type stuff - it's another world.'

It caused Marco to fire off on Sunday, saying 'The things he said about my son in the British press were disgraceful,' he said. No one should ever say that about someone else's children. I will never forgive that man.' 

Matt has told News Crop that he and Marco have now agreed to meet to ‘clear the air’.

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