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Lucy Hale Under Fire For "Fat-Shaming Comments" On Instagram

Another day, another celebrity under fire for a seemingly throwaway comment.

This time it's Lucy Hale in the spotlight; the Pretty Little Liars actor posted a seriously adorable photo of her and her dad in honour of Father's Day on Sunday but it didn't take long for fans to spot a "fat-shaming" moment hidden among the otherwise gorgeous sentiment.

(P.S. That's the American Father's Day, by the way. You can all relax now.)

"You taught me to have soul. I love you daddy," the simple caption read, to which celebrity hairstylist Scotty Cunha replied with appropriately gushing sentiments.

Hale quickly responded to Cunha's comment though, tagging him and saying: "ugh I was so fat".

Cue the entire internet calling out the 28-year-old for her "unhealthy mentality".

"Oh great, just what we need," user rozzleroo retorted. "Women with celebrity status body shaming themselves and therefore thousands of girls who are of normal weight. Good grief."

Hale, who has spoken about struggling with an eating disorder in the past, has since disabled comments on the photo in question.

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