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Looks Like A Bachelor Contestant Just Revealed Who Has Won!

Bachelor front runner Laura Byrne has been one of the front-runners of the show since the began.

And now self-proclaimed villain Jen Hawke has added fuel to the fire by making an Instagram comment that suggests she has taken the final rose.

On a photo of a date between Laura and Matty, Jen commented 'Is it bad that I actually think you guys are the cutest?' 

Try and find a happier moonface, I'll wait. #thebachelorau2017 #thebachelorau

A post shared by Laura Byrne 🌹 (@ladyandacat) on

The comment appears to allude that the pair may still be seeing each other.

Fans have been theorising that the Georgia Love lookalike was the winner of the show was quite some time after her bio on the social media channel changed to ‘the queen of reverse parking.’

The very specific comment matched up with a quality Matty said he admired in a potential partner during an interview last year.

Laura has since removed any reference to parking from her Instagram profile, only adding suspicion.

The Bachelor airs tonight at 7:30PM on Ten.

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