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Lindsay Lohan's Being ROASTED For Her Epic Photoshop Fail

We've all been guilty of falling too far down the filtering rabbit hole and posting a photo to the 'gram that's so over-Valencia'd, you kind of wonder how you pushed it that far.

But Lindsay Lohan has been royally busted for spending too much time on her FaceTune app, uploading a picture that is so blurred, she's literally missing a part of her body.

Like, there's smooth and then there's... too smooth.

#loving my new shades! By @victoriabeckham

A post shared by Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) on

Captioned: "#Loving my new shades!", we're pretty sure that the picture has been touched-up while Lohan was either wearing the sunglasses - everyone knows your sunnies warp the filter selection, duh - or the sun was in her eyes while she was posting.

"Girl where'd your ear go," one eagle-eyed fan commented, before another wrote: "lol how those sunglasses staying on?"

Unfortunately it's not the first time the 31-year-old has been caught in an epic Photoshop blunder; she's uploaded a number of selfies over the years that very clearly show that her waist has been given some, uh, digital attention.


Might be time to delete all those editing apps, hey Linds?

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