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Kris Jenner Slammed For "Unbelievable" Instagram Post

Hands up who just chucks every single one of their photos up on Instagram without even the hint of a Valencia filter on there?

Yeah, that's right. Exactly none of you.

Apparently a whole bunch of Kris Jenner's haters fans are all about that natural life though, with commenters piling on a recent post the momager uploaded to promote a fitness product.

Clutching a packet of fit tea, the 61-year-old - yes, she's IN HER SIXTIES - is kitted out in a sports bra, workout leggings and a full face of make-up for that red carpet activewear look every girl brunching in Bondi wishes she could achieve.

"People always ask me how I stay in shape and look good," Kris writes in the sponsored post. "I detox regularly, especially pre-summer."

And you work out twice a day and have all of your meals prepared for you by a chef, Kris. We're not silly.

Anyway, plenty of keyboard warriors had a massive issue with the fact that the Kar-Jenner matriarch had obviously used a filter or five on the picture, calling her out for being "way too edited".

"I think maybe she needs to tone it down on the editing if she wants it to be believable," one Instagram user wrote, while a second added: "How filtered is this photo!"

Plenty filtered, duh. 

But she wouldn't be Kris Jenner if she wasn't filtered, would she?

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