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Kourtney Kardashian Takes Kids To Visit Scott In Rehab

Scott Disick seems to be trying to get his life together, as he spends time in a Malibu rehab facility.

Recently, despite their troubles, Kourtney took the kids to visit their dad and according to a source that spoke to US Weekly, the visit was a positive one.

“Scott was really happy to see the kids and was very loving with them,” a source tells Us of the nearly two-hour reunion.

“He visited with them inside for awhile and then took them outside to admire the view from the balcony.”

According to a report on, an insider also said that Scott gifted five-year-old Mason some binoculars and the two were “spotting birds and trying to look for other animals together.”

“Kourtney stood back and let Scott do his thing with the kids,” the source adds. “But she seemed to be on decent terms with Scott and they were chatting from time to time.”

Another source told Us that Disick “decided to stay a little longer” at the facility to make sure that he’s back on the right track.

“Scott is aware that no judge would allow him to take those kids for a weekend in his current state,” a source told Us of Disick’s hopes to clean up his act.

Source: US Magazine

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