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Keira Maguire Has Some VERY Surprising Bachelorette News!

If you thought you'd seen the last of this year's lip licking villain you may be mistaken. 

Keira Maguire has revealed she could be set for a comeback as next year's Bachelorette, following Georgia Love's season - and we're EXCITED! 

Hands down Keira was the most entertaining part of this year's Bachie season... besides the whole Megan, Tiffany relationship that played out off camera.  

“I feel like it’s more my thing, at least I have control,” she told Mamamia. 

She's vowed to f**k sh*t up if she's crowned the new Bachelorette. We really hope Bachelorette producers are listening because we couldn't bare another season with a boring Bachelorette.We've heard enough awkward laughing and the world 'incredible' to last us a lifetime.

In interviews she's revealed she'd like her own Tim Robards (wouldn't we all!) so we're guessing producers will be scouting for tall, dark handsome chiropractors. Score!  

Source: Channel Ten

She has promised to be on her best behaviour though - besides all the fu**ing sh*t up threat. 

“I would probably be a lot more nicer because I wouldn’t want to put anyone through what I went through,” she said.

We're assuming she means she's not going to throw around the word 'peasant' so much if crowned. 

Love her or hate her, if she's picked, it's set to be an explosive season! 

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