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There Is A HUGE Family Feud Ripping The Irwins Apart

It has been revealed that Steve Irwin’s father Bob hasn’t been back to Australia Zoo in more than ten years, following an ‘explosive feud’ with his daughter in law, Terri.

The 77-year-old who started the animal park with his first wife in 1970 has revealed all to new Idea, as he opened up about his estrangement from his famous grandchildren, Bindi, 18, and Robert, 13. 

The publication states that 'money was the driving factor behind the bitter bust-up' between Terri and Bob, who have clashed over their vision for Australia Zoo following Steve’s death in 2006.

A source has told the magazine that Bob wanted the zoo to remain ‘’conservation first, tourist attraction second,’ however 'when Steve passed, Terri started focusing more on the commercial side of things... She wanted a grand theme park like you see in America,' the source continued.

Bob revealed to the magazine that he does not speak to his grandchildren and ‘I haven't been to the zoo in more than ten years.'

There has been no comment from the Irwin family.

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