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Georgia Love Has Admitted Something Strange About Matty J

She was the woman who broke Matty J’s heart in front of us all, when she chose Lee Elliott over him.

And now former Bachelorette Georgia Love has opened up about how strange it is to see her ex continue his search for love on The Bachelor.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Georgia said 'It is a bit weird,’ before she revealed she hadn’t seen Matty scene filing in Singapore had finished for the Bachelorette.

'It's strange to see him there dating and kissing and stuff, but he had to sit there and watch me do that as well,' she added.

'It was so recent that I was on there so it was always going to be weird watching that show again and knowing what happens that you don't see on camera.'

In March, she admitted to The Sydney Morning Herald that seeing the show would be too much to bear.

'It will be like watching an ex dating a whole bunch of people, which no one really wants to see,' Georgia told the publication.  

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