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Family Have Now Confirmed The SEX Of Kylie Jenner's Baby

All we can say is thank goodness news of Kylie Jenner's pregnancy broke five months in rather than the traditional three. 

There's no way we could deal with six more months of this.

Days after dropping the bombshell that the youngest Kar-Jenner was - supposedly like her older sister's surrogate - expecting a baby, TMZ have confirmed that Kylizzle is having a little girl!

yesterday was cute. hope you had the happiest of birthdays Jordy. Love you forever ever and beyond..

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While the media outlet had said right off the bat that we should be thinking pink, family sources have revealed that baby daddy Travis Scott has been telling anyone who will listen that he's soon to have a daughter.

Since Kylie is about five months along, she'll actually be due around the same time as Kim and Kanye's surrogate - who is also reportedly expecting a girl.

While Kylie's father Caitlyn Jenner is the only one to directly address the news, it sounds like the rest of the family are more concerned than excited.

"With Tyga, whenever things were good, Kylie said she wanted a baby," an insider said. "Between spending lots of time with her nieces and nephews and being around Tyga's son, she claimed she was ready.

"Her family would beg her to protect herself. They were very concerned.

"They still think Kylie is too young to have a baby."

No stopping this train now! Imagine how much make-up that little girl will have access to.


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