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Family Feud Star Grant Denyer Has Announced Some Major News!

Grant Denyer is continuing to smile even after he smashed his Lotus really car into a tree at 160kmh.

The Family Feud host narrowly avoided death and was left with a broken sacrum and smashed hands after the incident but he has now revealed to the Herald Sun I’m back to 100 per cent which is fantastic. Funnily enough, it is my wedding ring finger, which I also broke in the accident that has been the slowest to heal.”

When the newspaper asked Denyer if he had any second thoughts about stopping his motor racing career, he said ‘no’.

Denyer looks set to drive again in late August, saying “I’ll be back in the race car for sure. You don’t want your last experience to be a bad one … and what lesson would I be teaching my kids if you have a knock and then you give up?

“I’ve been jumping in motion simulators to try and make sure the body is OK and I’ve got the grip in my hand and can change gears, and it is fine.

“Cheryl completely left the decision to me which was wonderfully gracious. She comes to the track all the time with the kids and it is a big part of her life as well.

“I might stay away from rallying but circuit racing is not dangerous normally. I’ve only had two accidents in 25 years of racing. I’ve had almost 400 races in my career and only been to the hospital just twice.''

“It’s my fault that the only times I’ve had an accident, there’s been a bloody camera there.”

Good luck to him!

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