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Did Kendall Jenner Just Snapchat Something Really Illegal?

Celebrities do stupid things every now and then. It must be hard to live your life in the limelight and not be able to do something wrong every now and then.

Well, Kendall Jenner has fallen victim to making a very poor decision on social media.

Most people know in our generation that anything you put on social media, you get some feedback on and well this is going to get a lot of heat back.

Kendall uploaded this photo to her snapchat profile of a plastic bag that she thought was ''adorable''. Now, the bag may be adorable.. but most people will instantly know what the bag is for..


While some may see that as just a bag, like myself, others will tell you it's something completely different.

The bag, is the kind people buy when they get some ''illegal substances''. That's right drugs.

If you look closely at the picture, there is some white powder at the bottom of the bag, which we don't want to speculate further about.

It didn't take long for people to take to social media to point out Kendall's issue.

Kendall deleted the photo a couple of hours after she posted it and has made no further comment.

While all of those who claim to be "innocent and pure" will tell you they only see a plastic bag – others, like myself, will tell you that is no ordinary plastic bag. In fact – it's pretty scandalous.

That baggie, in fact, is the baggie that people was buy off of shady people who drive around in broken down cars. That's right, it's the same baggie that people use to buy drugs. Specifically, that baggie can fit about a dub ($20 worth) of weed in it –  or cocaine. The image does have a little bit of white dust at the bottom, if you look close enough.

While Kendall may have realized that the "cute little baggie" could indeed be super suspicious and suspect – she later deleted the picture from her Snapchat story.

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