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Kylie Jenner Has The Weirdest Hiccups We've Ever Heard

In case you missed it, Kylie Jenner is getting her very own reality show called Life of Kylie.

Actually, we don't know how you could have missed it; E! have been promoting the heck out of the documentary series, most recently with a second trailer that, to be completely honest, isn't that much different to the first.

There is one new thing that we learned from the 60 second clip though and that is that Kylie Jenner, 19-year-old reality star and business mogul, hiccups really, really weirdly.

In fact, she hiccups SO weirdly that after she hiccups, she has to say "those are my hiccups."

Seventeen describe it as "a cross between a baby cooing and a tiny dog who's excited you came home and didn't leave it behind forever, or maybe like a bird agitated that you won't share your snacks."

For us, though, it's more like that sound you get when you pop open a bottle of Powerade for the first time and it makes that "pfffp" noise.

You know the one.

Anyway, check it out below and see what you think; it's around the 0.15 mark.

Looks like we really are going to see a whole new side to Kylie Jenner!

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