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Video of Kim Kardashian SECRETLY Recorded After Paris Theft

It's going to be hard for people to keep claiming Kim Kardashian's gunpoint robbery was a set-up after THIS one.

A SERIOUSLY creepy video, filmed illegally inside the reality star's apartment just moments after her horrendous ordeal, has dropped online.

In the clip, which is just over three minutes long and looks like it's been recorded on someone's phone, you can see Kim huddled up on the sofa on a video call, wrapped in a thick blanket.

HOW someone got away with taking the video is beyond us; you can clearly make out French police and security milling about, but whenever anyone walks past, the videographer stops still until they're gone.

Because the clip was recorded in France, whoever's responsible for the weird-as recording faces up to a year in prison and a hefty $66,000 fine - because it's illegal to film someone, in private, without their consent.

And also f*cking weird.

Apparently Kim and Kanye's lawyers are helping authorities track down who took the video.

Click HERE to watch the creepy clip.

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