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Bachelor's Alex Nation Comes Out Fighting Over THOSE Rumours

The Bachelor winner Alex Nation has slammed Woman’s Day for an article about her new same-sex relationship, saying its absolute trash articles”.

It is not clear what post Alex is talking about but during an interview on community radio station 88.3 Southern FM it seems as if it was about her relationship with Maegan Lua.

Stories have been doing the round about Alex for the last couple of weeks and are based on a series of paparazzi shots on the Daily Mail.


Although she hasn’t publicly commented on the rumours, so there is no confirmation or denial, Alex did say on the radio that she 100% supported marriage equality and that prior to joining her footy team, had never experienced friendships with queer women.

“We should celebrate love between people whether it is male, male and female or women and female. I think if you have a connection with someone you can’t – people can’t help who they connect with… that should be all that matters.


“Before being in a football club I didn’t have any friends that were in relationships with women, I’d never experienced that. Obviously I had seen it down the street and everything like that but I’d never experienced it first hand with my own friends. Since I have joined the football club, I now have many friends who are in same sex relationships and it opens your eyes to certain little struggles that they go through for women in a couple. At the same time, you see the two of them together and they are exactly the same as you would be [in a heterosexual relationship].”

Like many magazines and websites (including us), Woman’s Day confirmed this as a relationship.

So until confirmed, nothing is confirmed.

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