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And The Winner Of Love Island Australia Is…

After weeks filled with all of the drama in the world, the first season of Love Island Australia has officially come to an end. And the winner is…


❤️ Ladies and gents, here are your 2018 #LoveIslandAU winners! ❤️

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But of course as you probably would assume we didn’t get to the end of this Grand Final episode without a few rocky moments, and yes this episode was just as drama filled as the rest. So in case you missed it, here’s now the finale went down.

As we entered the final day in the villa we were down to three loved up couples who were facing the chance to be crowned winners of the first ever Love Island Australia and becoming $50,000 richer. 

There was the overly protective, loved up couple who never, ever recoupled: Erin and Eden. 

"I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you." - Erin @LoveIslandAU #LoveIslandAU

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The couple with the controversial beginning turned seriously loved up: Grant and Tayla. 

Will Grant & Tayla win #LoveIslandAU? It's Grand Finale time, 8.30 tonight on @9Go

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And last but not least, the newer, underdog couple: Josh and Amelia. 

Will Amelia & Josh win #LoveIslandAU? It's Grand Finale time, 8.30 tonight on @9Go

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All of the couples were dressed to the nines as they waited to hear Sophie Monk announce who had won the coveted title. Some of the ex-islanders were also invited back into the villa, including Millie, Mark, Dom, Shelby, Teddy and Mac, to witness the announcement.

(They were too cheap to invite everyone else who they'd already shipped back to Oz obviously...couldn't we have just one more taste of Cassidy-drama love island? For old times sake?) 

We were then treated to a recap of the entire journey through Love Island, recited to us by non-other than Eoghan McDermott in his specialty form, a rap. And TBH this was the best moment from the entire episode without a shadow of a doubt! 

You the real MVP of Love Island Eoghan! (Well, you and the cat.)

The islanders were then treated to some skype calls home to their loved ones as all of the couples met the parents for the first time. It was all tears and words of love, and that was just Tayla when she saw her puppy pop up on the screen! 

But in all seriousness, all of the parents appeared to approve of their children's partners! So that's a plus at least!

Uh-oh it’s time to meet the parents 😭 #LoveIslandAU

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Next, it was time to catch up on what the evicted couples, those in attendance anyway, have been up to since leaving the villa. Because you know, we have to waste time until we get to announcing the winner! Current relationship statuses: Mac and Teddy = friendzoned, Millie and Mark = those new relationship fanny flutters, Shelby and Dom = who even knows with these two.

The gang's back together! Who have you missed the most? #LoveIslandAU

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*Cue the romantic music* In a very MAFS way, we then had a commitment ceremony where the final three couples professed their feelings to each other. However, unlike MAFS, it appeared that all of these couples had actually found love with each other!

Now enough soppiness, time for the first dumping of the night!  Soph wished the couples luck before announcing that Josh and Amelia had come in third. Nawww you guys! But also, we kind of expected this, sorry.

So now it's down to just two. Grant and Tayla, or Erin and Eden. Let's get down to business. Who has won Love Island Australia? Well, we already told you above...but anyway, the winners are GRANT AND TAYLA!! Meaning Erin and Eden are our runners up. 

Now to the reason we're all here. Were they really here for the love or for the $50K! Will Grant and Tayla split the dough or steal it all for themselves? 

Grant and Tayla were each handed an envelope, one containing the money and one containing zilch. The person with the money, has to choose whether they keep it for themselves or steal it. Tayla's envelope ended up having the money inside. 

And she chose to....SPLIT!! Oh, that was a bit of a let down. Can you imagine the drama if she stole the money?! But woohoo they're in love, go them we guess...

No in all seriousness congrats to Tayla and Grant who have made it out of the Spanish villa with true love and a little extra cash in the pocket. 

And of course thank you to Love Island Australia for giving us this AMAZING trashy TV. Counting down the days until next season. 

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